A drabble (aka microfiction) is a complete story told in exactly 100 words. The stories here have all been previously published in various anthologies, magazines, and websites. If you are interested in publishing one of these drabbles as a reprint, please contact me.


“I’ll have the scrapple,” I said. The waitress glanced at the fist-sized bruise on my arm, then at Mike. I nodded. She jotted on her pad. “Coffee.” Mike thrust the menu at the waitress. “Black.” The waitress disappeared into the kitchen. Through the swinging doors, I saw her pass my order to the cook. He…

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As Lana pulled the last needle from the 500-count box, she replayed the previous night in her mind. She had left work early to surprise Ben at his house. She let herself in, expecting to find him on the couch watching TV. Instead, she found him on the bed, pants down, thrusting away between a…

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Curiosity Kills

On the first day, the cat brought me a mouse and laid it on my doorstep, teeth marks oozing through its dust-gray fur. On the second day, the cat brought me a red-breasted robin and left it on my kitchen table, blood-splattered and broken-winged next to my banana nut muffin. On the third day, the…

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February 15th

Greg slid closer to Laura on the park bench. “I wish this moment could last forever, ” Greg said. “Me too,” Laura whispered. Greg reached up and turned Laura’s face towards his. She closed her eyes. Their lips met in a soft, gentle kiss. Their first. Just then, an arrow pierced the back of Greg’s…

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Cut It Out

“Cut it out,” Liz pleaded. The thing moved. Its jointed limbs pressed out against her belly from the inside, grotesquely distending her flesh. She screamed through gritted teeth. “I can’t –” Kevin began. “Please!” Tears streamed from her red-rimmed eyes. “Shit. Okay.” Kevin unzipped his backpack and dug around until he found what he needed.…

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Up on the Rooftop

There was something on the roof. The children huddled behind the couch, their tearful eyes glistening in the warm glow of the Christmas lights. The house shook with each heavy footfall thudding overhead. Plaster dust drifted from the ceiling like snow. A low growl echoed down the chimney, followed by the metallic scraping of a…

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I’ve been falling for hours. At first, I bounced off the sides of the well, colliding painfully with jagged stone as I fell. Soon, the sides disappeared. The hole widened into a void. Infinite darkness. Suffocating fear. There’s something below. I can see its gaping mouth. Its blackened tongue. Its razored teeth. It called to…

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Everything You Know About Witches

“Everything you think you know about witches is wrong,” Selena sobbed. She struggled against the ropes binding her to the pole. Father Hugo stuffed kindling under the logs at her feet. He cocked an eyebrow skeptically. “Everything?” “Everything,” Selena insisted. “Brewing potions?” “Wrong.” “Casting spells?” “Wrong!” Father Hugo lit a match. “Shapeshifting?” Suddenly, Selena’s face…

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The Devourer

Maslowe stood absolutely still. Warm, rancid breath caressed the back of his neck. It had come for him. Abholos. The Devourer. Mist swirled around the thing, enshrouding it like unholy vestments. It was shapeless. Formless. An undulating mass devoid of features, save for a terrible maw. Its blackened lips parted to reveal crystalline teeth, curved…

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In the Water

“He’s there,” Yoasi whispered. “In the water.” He crept toward the riverbank. Davi suppressed a cruel smile. Fool, he thought. The hallucinations from the ebene he gave Yoasi were starting. Davi decided to play along, to scare him. “Is it Oko?” Davi asked. He knew Yoasi was terrified of the River God. Yoasi nodded, his…

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