Content warning (spoiler): torture (implied)
Originally published in Extreme Drabbles of Dread by Macabre Ladies Publishing

As Lana pulled the last needle from the 500-count box, she replayed the previous night in her mind.

She had left work early to surprise Ben at his house. She let herself in, expecting to find him on the couch watching TV. Instead, she found him on the bed, pants down, thrusting away between a woman’s legs. Lana cried out in surprise. Ben leaped up, revealing the dead-eyed face of his lover: a silicone sex doll, anatomically correct, its perfect porn star physique far superior to Lana’s own doughy, oversized frame.

Lana blinked the memory away, then slipped the final pin into the doll’s realistic pink flesh, taking care to ensure the needle was angled inwards, away from the opening, like the others. Then she propped the doll up on the bed just as it had been before, its legs and mouth wide and inviting, waiting for Ben to enter.

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