In the Water

Originally published in Ancients by Black Hare Press

“He’s there,” Yoasi whispered. “In the water.” He crept toward the riverbank.

Davi suppressed a cruel smile. Fool, he thought. The hallucinations from the ebene he gave Yoasi were starting. Davi decided to play along, to scare him.

“Is it Oko?” Davi asked. He knew Yoasi was terrified of the River God.

Yoasi nodded, his eyes on the water.

“What does he want?”

Yoasi looked at Davi, then smiled. “You.”

Something seized Davi’s ankle. His fingers carved trenches in the mud as he was dragged into the piranha-filled river.

Yoasi spit the unchewed ebene into his hand.

Fool, he thought.

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