Ashes of the Grimoire

Content warning: mild gore
Originally published in Dark Magic by Eerie River Publishing

Neve poured the ashes of their mother’s grimoire into the bowl. Larissa added a shimmering crimson liquid, whispering incantations as she stirred.

The ashes congealed into clay, which Larissa sculpted into a small, human-like form. A homunculus. She pressed in pieces of volcanic glass where the eyes should be.

The eyelids opened.

“Hello, little one,” Larissa whispered.

The homunculus smiled, revealing rows of pin-sharp teeth.

“Oh, he’s precious!” Neve squealed, as the homunculus climbed into her outstretched palm.

With a nod from Larissa, the homunculus leapt, sinking its razored claws into Neve’s eyes.

“Yes,” Larissa said. “He is.”

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