“Unarmed” published by Metastellar

My dystopian political story Unarmed has been published by Metastellar. It’s a story about a citizen fighting back against a cult-like authoritarian leader who is driving the country toward another Civil War. I wrote it in mid-2020, before the last election, and before the Jan 6th insurrection. It’s scary and sad how prescient it has ended up being. Hopefully life will stop imitating art before we’re this far gone. It’s available to read for free here.

2021 Year in Review … in review

Way, way back on December 24th, I wrote my 2021 Awards Eligibility and Year in Review post, assuming that the year was, well, over. What a difference a week makes. Since I wrote that post, I’ve had four more acceptances and two more publications.

That means I already have 19 stories lined up for publication in 2022, and the year hasn’t even started yet.

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