New multi-issue serial to appear in Dark Matter Magazine


I’m incredibly excited to announce that my first-ever serial will be published by Dark Matter Magazine next year. It’s a dystopian cyberpunk thriller set in a world where free will can be sold to the highest bidder. While it’s not quite a sequel, it’s set in the same world as my story Set For Life, which was published in Dark Matter Magazine Issue 004. The first installment will appear in Issue 007 in January 2022, with the second two installments arriving in subsequent issues.

“The Door is Open” audio drama available now from The Storyteller Series Podcast

My sci-fi/horror story The Door is Open is now available as a 45 minute full-cast audio drama from The Storyteller Series Podcast. Listen for free at any of your favorite podcast providers, including:

If you’d prefer to read rather than listen, you can find the written version online here. Or get it on Kindle as part of the Dark Lane Vol. 11 anthology.

“House of Whispers” featured on The NoSleep Podcast

My short horror story House of Whispers was featured as part of the Season 16 Suddenly Shocking episode on The NoSleep Podcast. The story starts about 10 minutes into the show. This episode is only available to Season Pass subscribers, so you’ll have to subscribe to access it. It’s the best horror podcast in the world, so it’s worth the money. I promise.