“A Sinking Feeling” published in the Emergence anthology

My underwater horror story A Sinking Feeling has been published in the Emergence anthology by The Writer’s Cache. It’s the story of two survivors trapped in an air pocket in a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean. And they’re not alone.

I didn’t know how long we had been underwater at that point—we had no way to measure time—but for however long it was, we hadn’t heard any noises outside of our own movement and the occasional groan of the ship’s structure as it settled into the ocean floor. But this noise was different.

Something was moving. And it was close.

“Feed the Worm” published in the Beautiful Darkness anthology

My horror story Feed the Worm has been published in the Beautiful Darkness anthology from Dragon Soul Press. If you like stories about carnivorous cosmic murder worms, this is the one for you!

The girl was on her knees, crouched low behind the rear bumper. Exhaust swirled around her, lit up a hellish red by the glow of the taillights. Her hair hung over her face in damp ropes. Breath steamed from her nose in short, rapid bursts. She looked up at Ben. Her eyes were wide with terror. “Hide,” she whispered.

You can also listen to the audio production of Feed the Worm on the Night’s End Podcast.

“Butterscotch” published in HAUS: Anthology of Haunted House Stories

My short ghost story Butterscotch has been published in HAUS: Anthology of Haunted House Stories by Culture Cult Press. Renting an apartment above a funeral parlor might freak some people out, but not Ellen. Not at first, anyway.

For a moment, I imagined my grandmother laying there on one of the tables, her body cold and stiff, her eyelids stitched shut, her tissue-thin skin pulled taut over her jutting cheekbones. Nicholas had done that, I realized, right in the room where I was standing. 

Three drabbles published in the Short Horror Stories anthology

Three of my horror drabbles, Curiosity Kills, The Fog of War, and Scrapple, have been published in the Short Horror Stories anthology by Shacklebound Books.

  • Curiosity Kills tells the story of a cat who brings home an increasingly disturbing series of offerings to its owner.
  • The Fog of War is about a WWI soldier and the horrors of trench warfare.
  • Scrapple is the story of a battered woman and her abusive husband, and what happens when they stop off at a roadside diner for breakfast.

Nine drabbles published in the Nom Nom anthology

Nine of my horror drabbles have been published in the Nom Nom Halloween drabble anthology by Black Hare Press. The first six are originals; the other three are reprints.

  • Sharp Candy. Look before you eat.
  • Fresh Sushi. They taste best raw.
  • Under Leaves. Bury me next.
  • What Remains? Fucked around. Found out.
  • Sending Hugs. Never look back.
  • Practical Joke. You’ll die laughing.
  • The Angel. Just like her mother.
  • Curiosity Kills. Look what the cat dragged in.
  • Third Eye. You can only keep two.