Three drabbles published in Drabbledark II

Three of my horror drabbles have been published in the Drabbledark II anthology by Shacklebound Books.

  • Everything Your Know About Witches is about a witch being burned at the stake, who insists that everything her killer knows about witches is wrong.
  • The Angel is about a father and daughter eating their last meal before the zombies comes.
  • The Last Fantasy is a sci-fi horror about a brain upload technician who browses through his beautiful patient’s mind drive in search of her deepest, darkest fantasies.

“A Thing of Beauty” published in the Screaming in the Night anthology

My body horror short story A Thing of Beauty has been published in the Screaming in the Night anthology by Sinister Smile Press. When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the memories of the pain inflicted upon it before the metamorphosis persists, despite its new physical form. The same happens to people as well …