“Dragonsbreath” published in the From the Ashes anthology

My dark urban fantasy story Dragonsbreath has been published in From the Ashes: An Anthology of Elemental Urban Fantasy. It’s the story of a teen forced to wear a fireproof mask to protect himself and others from a power he can’t control. This story is an odd one for me: a little bit fantasy, a little bit horror, and a little bit (gasp!) romance. A portion of sales of the anthology will be donated to the Marco Hope Burn Foundation.

Content warning: gore

“Ma’am? Are you the mother?”

She nodded, never taking her eyes off her daughter’s lifeless body.

“Do you recognize this?”

The hand held a large plastic evidence bag in front of her face. Inside was a black fabric mask. It resembled a ski mask made from a thick fireproof material with ovals of dark tempered glass protecting each eye.

“Dragonsbreath” published in Night Terrors Vol. 15

My short story Dragonsbreath has been published in the Night Terrors Vol. 15 anthology by Scare Street. This is an odd one for me: part contemporary dark fantasy, part horror, and part (gasp!) romance.

Like several of the other Night Terrors anthologies which I’ve been a part of, this one debuted at #1 on the Kindle New Releases list for Horror Anthologies.