“It’s What’s Inside That Counts” published in Fantasy Magazine

My dark fantasy story It’s What’s Inside That Counts has been published in Issue #91 of Fantasy Magazine. It’s about a young girl who dissects a pig in science class, only to discover something unexpected inside.

Content warning: terminal illness of a child

I didn’t know how I’d react to the dissection. I couldn’t imagine poking around in a dead pig’s guts. I wondered how they would feel. Would they be squishy and warm, like spaghetti? Or cold and jiggly, like Jello? My stomach turned at the thought.

I was definitely gonna barf.

“Matches” accepted by The Stygian Lepus

My twisted fairytale Matches has been accepted by The Stygian Lepus. It’s a dark(er) retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Little Match Girl.

As a frigid wind gusted down the narrow lane, the girl side-stepped into an alley to avoid the chill. She sat down cross-legged on the cobblestone, drawing her feet into her folded knees to try and restore some feeling to her toes. She was freezing, but she dared not go home. Her father would be there, waiting, expectant. How many matches had she sold? How many pennies had she earned? None? The girl winced involuntarily at the crack of her father’s belt. She knew what was in store for her if she returned empty-handed.

Listen to “Undone” on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

The audio production of my cosmic horror story Undone is now available on Fear From the Heartland by the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights podcast. It’s the story of a man whose world is literally falling apart around him.

The story starts at around the 03:18 mark.

Listen to “Me, a Hero” and “Things Are Looking Up” on Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

Two of my stories have been released by the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights podcast: Me, a Hero and Things Are Looking Up.

Me, a Hero is a psychological horror story about a man who joins the search for a missing girl. This story is only available on YouTube as part of the 5 Scary Stories ― Villain’s Mix, starting at 03:13:18.

Content warning (spoilers): woman murdered by stranger (not shown)

Things Are Looking Up is a horror story about grief and loss. After a man and his wife are in a fatal car accident, the man decides he will do anything to see his wife one more time. Even if he has to dig.

The story starts around the 04:15 mark.

“A Free Man” accepted by Metastellar

My cyberpunk story A Free Man has been accepted by Metastellar. In a world where you can purchase a synthetic replica of a person from a vending machine, the best person to frame for a crime you committed may be yourself.

The days of identity theft being just a stolen credit card or Social Security number were long gone—criminals could steal a person’s actual identity with something as simple as a 3D holoscan of their likeness. Except for a small microdot array at the base of its neck, a synthetic was indistinguishable from an actual human.

“Influenced” published in The Stygian Lepus

My psychological horror story Influenced has been published in the inaugural issue of The Stygian Lepus, a new publication by Black Hare Press. It’s a story about blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, and what happens when your dreams finally come true.

The stranger passes his purchases over the Home Depot self-checkout scanner. Sweat glistens on his round face.

Trash bags. Duct tape. Hammer. Bleach. Scrub brush. Hacksaw. Plastic tarp.

He pays with cash.

“Things Are Looking Up” accepted by Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

My short horror story Things Are Looking Up has been accepted by Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. After a man and his wife are in a fatal car accident, the man decides he will do anything to see his wife one more time. Even if he has to dig.

She’s so close, I can practically touch her. The only thing between us is a few feet of freshly-turned earth.

All I have to do is dig.