“The Salt Circle” published in The Literary Hatchet

My weird fiction story The Salt Circle has been published in Issue #32 of The Literary Hatchet by Pear Tree Press. You can download it for free for a limited time, or you can pick up a paperback copy on Amazon. This is one of the weirder stories I’ve written. It’s about a man who turns into a slug, and what happens when his wife dies after trapping him in a circle of salt on the kitchen floor.

“Make it a Double” published in the Water Turns Red anthology

My dark novelette Make it a Double has been published in Water Turns Red: An Anthology Of Crime Fiction. It’s a dark cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of unchecked envy and greed. It’s not quite horror, though the ending is plenty horrific. It’s more like an episode of The Twilight Zone written by Hubert Selby Jr. on a bad day.