2022 Awards Eligibility: Top Ten Stories of the Year

2022 was another very busy year for me. As of December 1st, I will have published almost 80 stories this year alone. Of those, 37 were originals (1 novella, 14 short stories, 7 flash, and 15 drabbles) and the other 41 were reprints (18 short stories, 1 flash, 11 podcasts, 12 drabbles).

If you’re nominating for any of the major horror, sci-fi, or other awards out there (Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, Astounding, etc.), I’d love your support. Continue reading for my Top Ten Stories of 2022.

My Top Ten

In my opinion, these are the ten best stories I published in 2022. Most are available to read here on my website, but a few are still within their windows of exclusivity and can’t be reprinted yet. If you’re interested in reading any of those, contact me and I’ll get you a free copy.

For a full list of everything I published in 2022, including reprints, drabbles, and podcasts, visit the Publications page.


Cyberpunk thriller (18,500 words)
Dark Matter Magazine Issue 007, 008, and 009 (serial novella)
January, March, and May 2022

The Man Who Ate the Road

Weird horror (2,900 words)
Haven Spec, Issue Seven
November 2022

A Piece of the Sky

Sci-fi horror (1,000 words)
The Dread Machine, Issue 2.4
October 2022

From Below

Sci-fi eco-horror (4,000 words)
Parsec #5
October 2022

Close Your Eyes

Post-apocalyptic horror (2,200 words)
February 2022

A Thing of Beauty

Body horror(7,400 words)
Screaming in the Night by Sinister Smile Press
April 2022

Feed the Worm

Cosmic horror (3,900 words)
Beautiful Darkness by Dragon Soul Press
October 2022

The Salt Circle

Weird fiction (2,800 words)
The Literary Hatchet #32
September 2022


Modern fantasy (500 words)
Dark Recesses Press, Vol. 6, Issue 14
January 2022