2021 Awards Eligibility and Year in Review

2021 was a crazy productive year for me, writing-wise. In my first full year as a short story author, I published over 20 short stories, as well as a dozen drabbles and a half-dozen podcast audio dramas.

If you’re nominating for any of the major horror, sci-fi, or other awards out there (Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, Astounding, etc.), please consider giving some of these stories a read.

My Top Ten

In my opinion, these are the ten best stories I published in 2021. Some of these were reprinted multiple times or were produced for audio as well as print, so I’m only listing the original publishers here. Most are available to read here on my website, but a few are still within their windows of exclusivity and can’t be reprinted yet. If you’re interested in reading any of those, contact me and I’ll get you a free copy.

For a full list of everything I published in 2021, including reprints, drabbles, and audio productions, visit the Publications page.

The Door is Open

Sci-fi horror (6,800 words)
Dark Lane Vol. 11 by Dark Lane Books
October 2021

Baby Food

Creature horror (7,400 words)
All Dark Places 3 by Dragon Soul Press
October 2021

The Churchyard Grim

Cryptid horror (4,300 words)
Night Terrors, Vol. 9 by Scare Street
February 2021


Supernatural horror (4,400 words)
Legends of Night by Black Ink Fiction
September 2021

Set For Life

Dystopian sci-fi (2,600 words)
Dark Matter Magazine, Issue 004
July 2021


Dark urban fantasy (6,800 words)
Night Terrors, Vol. 15 by Scare Street
July 2021


Dystopian sci-fi (3,500 words)
Night Terrors, Vol. 12 by Scare Street
April 2021

Make it a Double

Weird/supernatural crime (9,900 words)
Water Turns Red by The Great Void Books
July 2021

Something’s Wrong With Mom

Weird horror (2,000 words)
Synthetic Reality Magazine, Issue #2
December 2021

House of Whispers

Supernatural horror (500 words)
Haunt by Black Hare Press
August 2021