“Override, Part Two” published in Dark Matter Magazine

The second installment of my cyberpunk thriller Override has been published in Dark Matter Magazine Issue 008Override is a three-part serial novella that started in Issue 007 and will be concluded in Issue 009 in May 2022.

In Part One, Delek Foster volunteered himself to Syntech be converted into an AI-driven automaton in exchange for Syntech taking care of his wife (Neera) and his sickly son (Sev) for the rest of their lives. But something went wrong, and the deal fell through. Delek was taken away by Syntech, leaving Neera and Sev with nothing. Part One ends with Neera setting out on a mission to free Delek from Syntech.

You can read a free sample of Part Two here (scroll down).

Listen to “A Sinking Feeling” on The Creepy Podcast

The audio version of my underwater horror story A Sinking Feeling is now live on The Creepy Podcast. It’s the story of two men trapped in a small pocket of air as their ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean. But they’re not alone.

You can listen to it for free on your favorite podcast service:

If you’d prefer to read the story instead of listening, you can find it here.

Listen to “Close Your Eyes” on Tall Tale TV

My post-apocalyptic horror story Close Your Eyes has been produced as an audiobook by Chris Herron at Tall Tale TV. Chris did an amazing job with the narration, perfectly capturing the pacing and mood of the story. The production runs about 18 minutes long, and is available to listen to and download for free.

“Unarmed” published by Metastellar

My dystopian political story Unarmed has been published by Metastellar. It’s a story about a citizen fighting back against a cult-like authoritarian leader who is driving the country toward another Civil War. I wrote it in mid-2020, before the last election, and before the Jan 6th insurrection. It’s scary and sad how prescient it has ended up being. Hopefully life will stop imitating art before we’re this far gone. It’s available to read for free here.